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Whole Bean Coffee

The current coffee offering is a mixture of beans from Chiapas, Mexico.


Producer: Federacion de Sociedades Cooperativas Agroecologica y Cafetales de Chiapas
-Multiple farms bring their beans to this Co-Op, so there are multiple bean types within the one bag.

Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic, Fair Trade Organic

Process: Washed
-The coffee cherry is pulped then fermented in water and finally washed before drying

Coffee Grade: SHG-EP
-SHG = Strictly High Grown - higher altitudes result in a denser more flavorful bean
-EP = European Preparation - a particular sorting process

Flavor Profile: Cocoa, Caramel, Oatmeal, Heavy Body

Roaster Notes (That's ME!): This bean was hard to dial in because there are small and large beans that hit First Crack at different time. I noticed that when it was roasted darker it would go flat and taste terrible, most likely due to how quickly I'm roasting and the variance in the beans. So, I take it into First Crack and pull it just as the "aggressive" cracking stops. As for flavor, there is a bit of cocoa in the finish, but the oatmeal and body are what really make this coffee distinctive. When I think of the oatmeal, I think of an oatmeal stout. It has a grainy-sweet flavor. I drink it hot, and save the left over in mason jars to drink during the week. It is great hot or cold because of that sweetness. The bag of whole bean coffee smells like pure toffee. I absolutely love the smell.

Price: 2 prices
-$7 for 8oz
-$10 for 16oz

I take orders on Facebook, so Like my Facebook page and keep an eye out for my posts. I am currently roasting about once a month. With the purchase of my new roaster, I'm hoping to increase that to twice a month soon.

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