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Themed Branding and New Coffee Bags

I recently had a revelation about my brand. I recently finished Gary Vee's book Crushing It! and posed a question on how to interact with people and not sound spamy. The guys over at Orange Cactus Coffee replied and then did one a short podcast to better explain their approach. I listened to and the MC referenced El Cantante from Muertos Coffee and it caught me off gaurd. I had actually forgotten that I themed all my socail media.

My initial approach was to have a fully themed coffee company. I approached it like a full mythology. I created a persona with a flushed out back story, answered some of lifes questions, and built a running theme of death motivating us to make our only life as good as it can be. Somewhere along the way I dropped this and never really picked it back up. People didn't seem to respond to it as I thought they would. Over the last couple of years, I've found that people like other people, not mascots. I find that myself judging social media accounts the same way. If I can't tell you are a real person, then I usually don't follow back.

I think this theme could still possibly work, but probably not as an individual such as myself. I think a store could capitalize on the theme and styles. Kind of like how if you see Ronald McDonald at the restaurant, no one freaks out; if you see him lurking in a storm drain with a little red balloon then run away...far, far away.

When I rebrand, I will be focusing more on an authentic experience. People will be getting to know me more. It feels like ego mania to believe others will want to watch/read that, but that is where culture is going. They want genuine life experiences from real people.

I am also reviewing new coffee bags for the new brand. I'm definitly moving away from the craft bags. They work, but they aren't that nice. I want something that kind sticks out when you have it on the counter. I found a company that sent me sample of the 3 bag types, which I thought was really cool and they have really good pricing. I want to overall up my game in the next brand, better green coffee, better process, etc. With that, I need better presentation to sell the value.

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