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Website Went Live

I know I haven't written in a while, it's been pretty busy for me lately. My blogging is directly correlated to how busy my day job is. We just went through a "restructuring" so my manager is constantly pushing to do more with less. Pretty corporate, I know.

There have been a few positive though. A co-worker took my coffee home with her to Tx and her family loved it so much they ordered 6 bags. Also, my website is up and running!

So, I've been taking orders on FaceBook and Instagram, which works, but is a little too loosey-goosey. If people don't comment on my post, I don't see the orders. Notifications can get lumped together an d I miss orders. Customer's don't get a lot of communication so there isn't a lot of confidence. It's a great way to start because it is completely free.

What I am most excited about with the website is the ability to receive an order, process a credit card online (like a real store), and keep the customer up to date on the status of their order. It will also allow me to coordinate delivery/pick-ups without looking like a FB stalker.

I'm also hoping that the ability to take credit cards online will open the door to people who don't want to go through the effort of a cash transaction. Let's face, cash is great for businesses, but is totally inconvenient for most shoppers.

It's still pretty sparse. I hope to connect with my artist friend and see if he wants to design some buttons for me. Something more unique than the normal pictures of coffee cherries and farmers, as has become typical of specialty coffee.

Any who...go check it out, if you have some thoughts on design for the buttons, let me know, and if you're in the North Valley then order some coffee.

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