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New Drink Contemplations

I'm in a pretty good rhythm with my farmer's market. It's kind of like a 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off cycle that really allows me to have a life. It also allows me to time to think up what to do next. One of the biggest trends that I see right now is having some sort of signature drink.

In Az it is hot, almost all the time. So, if I don't have a strong iced drink game then there isn't much hope for me. That is why I think a lot of coffee shops do tea. Though I know there are people out there that prefer tea to coffee, but their weirdos. Tea has a lot of fruity options that goes really well with ice. I also think people assume dark and coffee doesn't sound well when its hot. When its hot, you want bright and fruity. Think about it...what are all the Gatorade and Powerade flavors? Fruit. Because when your hot and sweating, you don't dark chocolate.

If I were going to do just an ice coffee, I would probably do something like a natural processed bean that has just all out blueberries or strawberries. That would require me to have a second bean option, which I am not currently able to do financially. So what do I do?

I look at the other end of the cold coffee ice cream. I consider everything from Frappuccinos, to iced mochas to Dutch Brothers as coffee ice cream. It is cream.

I did the whole cold brew thing last year and didn't like it. I made a bunch of money, but lost a lot of coffee. I think there is still value there, but it needs more work.

Now to do an iced mocha, I would need espresso...but I'm not quite ready for espresso. Espresso is a serious game that kills street cred real fast if not done right. So I want to wait until I can do it right. So what can do instead?


I have my burners out for the farmers market because I'm brewing hot coffee and I have only needed to use one at a time. I want to use my Moka pot to make espresso. Right now I'm toying with a Mayan Moka, or a Mexican Moka. Chocolate, cinnamon and a pinch of red pepper would  make for a very unique beverage. I have saved some recipes that I want to try out along with some Mexican hot chocolate cookies that I may try my hand at.

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