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Changing to Melitta Cone

I have been pretty much a die hard v60 user since I started brewing manually. I love that brewer. I love the idea of the spiral and that it requires more skill to use than others. I'm going to start serving at an outdoor farmer's market and had to reconsider my choice of brewer.

My Brazilian coffee has a very upfront acidity. I had taken some of my test batches to brew at work and realized that some of my cups were super sour. I was brewing the same coffee at home and getting a really nice cup. I couldn't understand what was going on. I actually went back to watching v60 brewing guides because I thought I was screwing it up really bad.

What I concluded was that the v60 was brewing too fast. I know there are lots of ways to dial this in and adjust so the water slows down, and to be honest, I should have taken the time to do so. But, my first thought was that it is going to be too hard to be super focused on the perfect brew at a farmers market. There are going to be people waiting in line, people talking, etc. I can't just ignore everyone. What I decided is that more forgiving brewer will benefit me more by allowing me to produce a great cup and not have to be lazer focused on the brew.

There are a couple of reasons I went with this particular Melitta cone. For one, its like $2 at Walmart. Secondly, it is the same brew cone as my batch brewer at home that has been putting out great cups, so I knew it would work. Lastly, I will be brewing directly into cups, so the gap on the bottom lets me see the cup and the drip much better than the v60.

I still have some major challenges to overcome when it comes to brewing great cups of hot coffee. My next challenge is going to be grinder. I have a hand grinder, but if I have 20 orders, my arm is going to want to fall off (one major reason for going with 12oz instead of 16 oz cups). There are so many variables to making great coffee, but the most important is to first....make coffee. So, I'm going to jump out there and learn as I go....Arise and Go, that's what it's all about. Waiting to be perfect mean I'll never start.

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