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Review of Luci's Healthy Marketplace

I have been trying to figure out who I am as a business. I know what I like to do and who I want to be, but I don't know how to put that together in a package and sell it. Customers want to know who the business is because most people invest in other people, not in businesses. I have had people come up and ask me about my company and I just don't have that elevator pitch yet. I need to know who I am before I can tell someone else.

With that, I have had on my heart the idea of starting a YouTube show. I have always loved video and did some work there in a past life. I don't know what it would be, but will most likely be some sort of extension of this blog.

With all that, I decided to contact my cousin and have a cup of coffee to discuss the possibility of the show.

My cousin is in the central Phoenix area so I asked him to find a place for us to meet. I don't know that area very well, and wanted to try something new. Sadly, there were only a couple of options and one of them didn't open until 10am (well past our meeting time of 830). So, we decided on Luci's Healthy Marketplace (

This is a cool little community store and cafe. They have more tchotchke than grocery, but it is a neat little place. The weather was nice so they had the big garage doors open. It was clearly a Saturday morning hang our place because all the tables were full and stayed that way until we left around 1030. We waited in line to get our coffee, and in a typical local cafe style, ran into an old friend (my cousin's old friend, a new one for me). It was a very comfortable place.

I got a black coffee and an oatmeal. My cousin got a Mocha. I didn't ask him how his coffee was, now I wish I had. The coffee was good though. They get it from Press Coffee, a local roaster who is taking over Arizona (which I'm pretty ok with because their stuff is seriously good). The oats were good, topped with cinnamon apples and brown sugar.

The people behind the counter were very nice and all had a smile. They were perfect for a neighborhood spot. They knew my cousins friend and had her drinks ready. The only thing I would have like to see is a little more coffee knowledge. The girl I payed wasn't able to speak to the coffee at all, which was a bummer, but she was sweet so I wasn't upset. Also, it was the Saturday morning rush and aint nobody got time for silly coffee questions during the rush.

If you are in the area, I strongly recommend it. Its a little pricey, but they are in a hip area and making good stuff, so you gotta pay for that. During our coffee conversation my cousin quoted a writer he likes (I don't remember his name, or I would reference him properly). His quote was, "find people who are doing dope shit, and pay them so they can continue doing dope shit." I thought that was a very fitting quote and I was happy to support Luci's.

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