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Facebook Promotion and Possible Fall Coffee

I'm going to be trying a few more "firsts." My very first promotion and some re-soaked beans. Not sure how either of them will go, but this is my plan.

I have been serving coffee at the gym for a while now and received a few reviews and a couple of likes, but overall, I haven't seen my Facebook crowd grow much at all. As that is where I do most of my ordering, I really need to find a way to get my name out there. So, I decided to offer 20% a beverage if customers will tag me in a pic. I will be serving 2 days over the holiday weekend, so I'm hoping I can get quite a few people to participate. If this seems to work, I think I'll keep it full time and maybe expand. I can do picture contests and give away a free drink or 1 lb of coffee to the best picture or who know. My main focus is to grow my Facebook following as we go back into whole bean season.

Speaking of seasons, autumn is quickly approaching and pumpkin flavors are already here (thank you to all the businesses that realized 1 month is not long enough). I wanted to jump in on the pumpkin craze by creating my own pumpkin spice cream/milk to mix with cold brew or brewed coffee. Being a home roaster, I am restricted on what I can sell. Mainly, I can't prepare anything perishable. So there goes the milk idea. Then I saw that Death Wish does a what they call a cauldron aged pumpkin coffee. I read in on it a bit. It is a play on of the barrel aged coffees that are so popular right now. What they do is soak the green coffee in a chai tea. The dehydrated coffee soaks up the flavors. They then re-dry the beans and roast them. I think I can do that. It will be difficult because there are a lot of factors that have to be considered, mainly moisture content. I'll have to keep them from molding, make sure the spices in the tea don't scorch at roasting temps, and also ensure that I spend sufficient time in the drying phase to ensure I roast the coffee and not bake it.

I hate experimenting, because it just costs so much in loss of product. If I was buying bags and bags of green coffee, I would feel a bit more free to experiment (except probably not). Only having the 1 bag of coffee, I can't just toss 10% away to experience.

Any who, I hope this is a successful weekend in building the Facebook a bit and I look forward to expanding my roasting knowledge a bit.

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