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First Day Selling RTD - Recap

I know I missed my blog post last week, I apologize for that. To be honest, I was in the throws of a panic attack. chest was all constricted, I couldn't sleep, felt like I couldn't breath at times...sucked a lot.

Why was I freaking out, you ask?

Because I was about to cross the threshold and put myself out there. May sound silly, but that is the fear that stops 99.9999999999999999999999999% of people from taking their life from one place, to a better place. Looking back on it, that fear helped prepare, but there was no need for a panic attack.

The first workout started at 7am. I showed up about 6:30, because first impressions mean this case, it means I sat outside and burned through my deodorant for 30 minutes.

Julia was the first coach (and my first customer) in and opened the doors. She was very welcoming and in that instant, I felt good about being there. I found a nice spot against the wall that looked like I wouldn't get hit with a bouncing weight bar, or kicked in the face from chin ups and set up shop.

I was surprisingly satisfied with my re-purposed dresser. It worked like dream. I did have to go buy a flat dolly to help move from the car to the gym, but the storage was good, the chalkboard table top was good, the design was good. I was happy with it.

Once I got in there, the people were great, but I still had one fear: price. Cold brew coffee is freak'n expensive. I mean I use over 2x the amount of coffee for cold brew, so the price is roughly 2x that of brewed coffee. I think there were a few who were disuaded by the price, no one actually came out and said, "holy cow, that's expensive." (Anyone who has been to a cross fit gym knows that it probably wouldn't be "holy cow," but you know me, I'm PG.)

In the end, it went really well. I sold out of my coffee (about 160 oz of coffee). They invited me back and I'll be there tomorrow...I'm hoping that it can be a regular gig and I can develop a really good relationship with El Jefe and the athletes that work out there.

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