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Lessons Learned and Future Steps

I've served coffee a few times and secured the rest of August, so I have 5 more weekends of serving. I'm feel'n really good about it which has spurred some questions. Am I profitable? Am I on track for getting a new bean before I run out? Is this building my business?

First Day Selling RTD - Recap

I know I missed my blog post last week, I apologize for that. To be honest, I was in the throws of a panic attack. chest was all constricted, I couldn't sleep, felt like I couldn't breath at times...sucked a lot.

Why was I freaking out, you ask?

Because I was about to cross the threshold and put myself out there. May sound silly, but that is the fear that stops 99.9999999999999999999999999% of people from taking their life from one place, to a better place. Looking back on it, that fear helped prepare, but there was no need for a panic attack.