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Father's Day Thoughts

I have defined my life by events that have changed me. We all have experiences where we were one person before and different person after. Becoming a father was probably the biggest mark on my time line.

I have never seen myself as an important person. Never felt like I was worth much. I actually don't even really celebrate my birthday for that reason. I just didn't see much value in it. When I met my wife, she did all kinds of stuff for birthdays and it took me a long time to accept it. I still never really believed it.

We became pregnant with our first child in 2013 and something changed inside me. I felt a love that I never new existed. When we lost our Baby Boy, I felt heart break like I have never known. That was the first time that I saw something in me that might be worth something.

We had our second child in 2014 and it felt so natural...I felt like I was actually good at it. I loved this kid from the moment I found out she existed in this world and I do my very best to help her become so much more than I will ever be.

So Father's Day is to me what most people's birthdays are to them. It is the day they celebrate who they are. Being a father to my daughter (and soon to be 2nd child, don't know the gender yet), is who I am and it adds real value to my life.

How does that have anything to do with coffee? Well, it doesn't really. Other than coffee is where we people exist, where people talk, where people come together. Also, it was not until after I learned this lesson, that I worked up the courage to start my company for real. The person behind me, on the other side of this event, would have self-doubted himself into depression and never taken a single step towards making the dream come true.

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