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Arise and Go

I subscribe to a company called Deathwish Coffee. I reviewed them a long time ago. The coffee was not to my style, but I like the company. I like what they have been able to achieve and how they approach it. I was reading through one of their emails and actually stopped to notice their blog is called "Fueled By Death." I was like, "well, crap." There goes my hashtag and all my ideas around "life fueled by Muertos."

So, I needed to come up with a new line and I think I have a good one (if it's not, that sucks because I just put it on 500 business cards).

After my initial disappointment of admitting that they have been using that line for longer and been doing it better than me, I realized that I was okay with it. There are a lot of brands selling "fuel." They are usually around the energy drink market. Deathwish, and their massive amounts of caffeine fit that description. It has kind of become a cliche and the energy drink market is not who I'm going after.

I hit the drawing board and asked myself, "What is it that makes me...well, me?"

The answer to that is easy. Judges 6:12. This verse has been what I have applied to myself since the first time I read it some 10+ years ago. It is the Angel of the Lord greeting Gideon as a might man of valor. There was nothing in the previous chapters to lead us to believe that Gideon was mighty or had any valor. He was, in essence, hiding so the bullies wouldn't beat him up and take his lunch money. But the Lord saw something in him that had not been actualized, that Gideon didn't believe himself. That's how I always hoped I was. I hoped God wouldn't give up on me because he was able to see something in me that I can't.

I re-read Judges 6 and there are 2 lines that really grabbed me. The greeting and the commission. The seeing something great in ones self, and the call to do something great in response. With that all I came up with Arise and Go.

Here is why I like this:

1) It plays on the world of coffee. Many of us get up in the morning and have our coffee to get us going for the day. I want to help people get up, be awesome and send them back out into the world to do awesome things.

2) It maintains the paradox of life and death. The word "arise" is not really used in our modern language except in the religious sector. In religion, the word rings with a tone of resurrection. The paradox is a company called Muertos (death) Coffee focusing on the life of its employees (eventually), customers, and community.

3) For me, this is a call to action. I struggle with fear, so I need to trust that what is seen in me is real, get up off my butt and go out into the world. It isn't going to just come to me. I need to go get it.

With that, I will no longer be using "Life Fueled By Muertos." From now on it is "Arise and Go."

Also, I added Teal to my color combination. I love that color and the city has really embraced it.

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