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A Pretty General Coffee Post

We got back from California this weekend, and I failed pretty hard on my coffee plans.

I was going to hit all 3 of my favorite coffee shops and barely only made it to one. We got in much later then I expected and just got caught up in trying to do everything we planned that my coffee trips got pushed to the back and then fell off. I did stop at Better Buzz, though. I really like this shop. This was my first time getting a pour over here. They had awesome equipment, but I wasn't a big fan of their technique. I call it the fill and empty. The barista was doing 2 things at once, so she would fill the v60 then go do something else while it emptied, then repeat a couple of times. I'm not a fan of this. Also, for $4.30 for 12oz cup, I feel like I should get a little dedicated time. I'm super bummed I couldn't hit the other 2 shops.

We hit a couple of other places. One was a little cafe for breakfast that literally offered over 10 different types of coffee in air pots. I'm not sure if there were multiples of the same kind or not, but it didn't feel like it when I was trying to chose what to drink. It was surprisingly good though.

*Note to the world, if you hit San Diego during Memorial Day weekend, pack some cool weather clothes. It is over cast, windy and in the 60s all the time. We weren't quite prepared, which lead to some awesome fashion statements.

We also hit a cafe for breakfast in Coronado. I had high expectations because it felt like a fancy place (they don't have much for breakfast spots there) and it fell a little flat. I know it fall flat when my wife looks at me and says, "It's just coffee." Which I consider a huge achievement. When we got married she was a flavored creamer AND sugar girl. Now she drinks it black and is starting to comment on different flavor notes. Now...for the rest of the world, bwa hahahahaha...ahem...

Any who...

I sold 15 pounds of coffee on my roasting session. That's pretty darn good. I had some new customers and a couple of return customers. I think I'm going to try and roast again here before too long and not wait another month to roast.

I also came to the harsh realization that my Behmor isn't going to cut it. It's too slow. The problem is that there isn't really another roaster until I'm ready to spend $3,000. My mission now is to buy a new bag of coffee, but then I'm thinking I may stack Behmors and run 3. That way by the time the third batch is done, the first one is cooled off and ready to go.

I'm going off on another camping trip this weekend. I talked about roasting some green beans at the campfire last time, but I was too lazy. I'm going to try again this time. Watch Instagram for some pics and comments.

Well, that's all I have for today.

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