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Taking a Big Step - Selling Cold Brew to Real People

The time has finally come.

Time for me to get of my cave and interact with people in real life. hopefully we stay away from those tricksy hobbitses, precious.

Arise and Go

I subscribe to a company called Deathwish Coffee. I reviewed them a long time ago. The coffee was not to my style, but I like the company. I like what they have been able to achieve and how they approach it. I was reading through one of their emails and actually stopped to notice their blog is called "Fueled By Death." I was like, "well, crap." There goes my hashtag and all my ideas around "life fueled by Muertos."

So, I needed to come up with a new line and I think I have a good one (if it's not, that sucks because I just put it on 500 business cards).

Father's Day Thoughts

I have defined my life by events that have changed me. We all have experiences where we were one person before and different person after. Becoming a father was probably the biggest mark on my time line.

A Pretty General Coffee Post

We got back from California this weekend, and I failed pretty hard on my coffee plans.

I was going to hit all 3 of my favorite coffee shops and barely only made it to one. We got in much later then I expected and just got caught up in trying to do everything we planned that my coffee trips got pushed to the back and then fell off. I did stop at Better Buzz, though. I really like this shop. This was my first time getting a pour over here. They had awesome equipment, but I wasn't a big fan of their technique. I call it the fill and empty. The barista was doing 2 things at once, so she would fill the v60 then go do something else while it emptied, then repeat a couple of times. I'm not a fan of this. Also, for $4.30 for 12oz cup, I feel like I should get a little dedicated time. I'm super bummed I couldn't hit the other 2 shops.

We hit a couple of other places. One was a little cafe for breakfast that literally offered over 10 different types of coffee in air pots. I'…