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Review of Bergies Coffee

My wife and I were invited to a little party out in Downtown Gilbert. It was a crazy long drive, but well worth it. It is like a little piece of Radiator Springs right in the middle of Arizona, minus the talking cars. I love this little street. If it wasn't an hour drive, I would spend a lot of time there.

We were sitting out on the patio of one restaurant and I was longing to be at the BBQ restaurant across the street. Then I realized there was a little coffee shop across the street. It was getting late so my wife googled when it closed...I had 4 minutes before it closed. I hesitated for a  moment, but the walk signal turned on the cross walk switch to go and I made a break for it.

I didn't get much time to admire the massive patio on the way in, because I was trying to slide in before they locked up. I strolled in and the guy behind the bar said they were closed, but he was pumping the coffee out of the air pots. I was like, "hey, I just wanted to grab some black coffee to review for my blog..." He pulled a cup and pumped some of the left over coffee and sent me on my way.

The coffee shop was just a little portable building that was well shaped in side, but not meant to hold a lot of people. The goal was definitely to have people outside on the patio. The patio had hanging lights and a charming secret garden kind of feel which was lovely on a cool night.

As for the coffee, it was good. Real good. I didn't get any information because they were closed when I snuck in and the barista was nice enough to give me some coffee to try, so I didn't want to push it. It had an earthy and dark chocolate flavor with a little dryness. My thought was that it was a well roasted Indonesian coffee, but I really don't know. I do know that the coffee was roasted and brewed well enough that I would go back and get more.

Overall, I strongly recommend hitting this spot if you find yourself out in Downtown Gilbert. The patio is wonderful (maybe not during summer) and the coffee is good.

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