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Heading to Encinitas

We pretty much head to Encinitas every Memorial Day weekend. This is one of my favorite trips. One, because I love the beach. I could sit on the beach all day long. Two, the food in San Diego (and surrounding towns) is awesome. And three, my little beach town has 3 amazing coffee shops.

The three shops (not in any particular order) are:

Better Buzz Coffee ( This is where I got my first Nitro. The shop is super cool and the baristas were really nice. I had one girl take the time to talk to me about Nitro and even made sure my picture was set up just right. The company was pretty cool about my review a year ago and sent me a care package (it got stolen in the mail whoever took it, you are a jerk).

Lofty Coffee ( This shop had probably the best coffee of all of them. We went to the roastery on the hill (there is a cafe at the bottom of the hill). This was like the fine dining of coffee. We got it with Hario carafes and stone ware mugs. This place was really cool and really clean. The barista had about as much charm as a rattle snake, but she made good coffee (I feel like the knit caps tells you everything). I might try the cafe this time, but the line was out the door most of the day.

Ironsmith Coffee ( This was one of my favorite cafes because it was a beautifl day out and they had all the windows open. The open air design was perfect for drinking coffee. The coffee options were a bit more  unique here. I think I got a Kenyan coffee, when everyone else was sticking to Ethiopia and Central America. The baristas were super nice here multiple people took the time to talk to me about different aspects of their shop.

I plan to hit all three of these shops (time permitting) and I'll try to get some good Instagram shots. So if you aren't already following me on Instagram, you can find me @MuertosCoffee.

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