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Review of cabin coffee

I have been wanting to try Cabin Coffee for quite a while now. Our trip up to the pumpkin patch was a perfect opportunity.

The coffee shop is in a little strip mall off the beaten path. It has a great community around it and quite a bit of traffic. The street impression was nothing spectacular. Fortunately for them, I like Moosen (any Brian Regan fans out there?). So the front doors caught my interest right away.

The first impression when you walk in is that of a lodge. They did a great job with lower light, dark woods and random lodge type decor. The place is super comfortable and quite. Its the type of coffee shop that would be a "third place" for a lot of people in the community. Now the down side to that quite comfortable environment is that when my 2 year old was being pain in the butt, I could see it on everyone's faces that they didn't want us there. 

They had their seasonal beverages, so my wife got a Boo Buster, which is white chocolate, salted caramel and toasted marshmallow. It was good, but it was like a dessert.

I got a large Sumatra. They get their coffee from Riviera Coffee here in Chandler, Az ( I like that they source local. The bean was roasted well, but it wasn't my favorite coffee. To be honest, I'm not much of an Indonesian coffee guy. If I have to chose between a blend and single origin, I tend to chose single origin. The description was tobacco and raw cocoa. I thought that was a fair description.

The barista was nice, but not overly chatty. She seemed a good fit for the quite environment of the shop.

The most surprising aspect of my visit was the food. I got a pumpkin muffin for my daughter and I got a croissant sandwich, both of which were good. The best, though, was the bagel. It was a plain bagel with cream cheese, half with avocado and the other with tomato, topped with lemon pepper. I tend to favor sweet in the morning, rather than savory, but this rocked my world. It was so good.

My overall assessment is that this is a great local spot for people (it was mostly men) who want a quite get away from the house. The coffee and food are good. I'd stop there on my way north again.

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