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My Official Hashtag

In preparation for my first deliveries, I thought it would be good to release my official Hashtag. That way, when everyone raves about how awesome my coffee is and feels that insatiable need to share its awesomeness with the world, they will have that road paved for them. (That is me envisioning success...and crossing my fingers...and praying daily...but also envisioning.)


That's it folks. So when you have your first cup of coffee and want to share it with the world, please include this with all of your posts. The reason behind this tag line is not really a fun airy topic, but it is a huge driver for me.

I came up with this because...

I am afraid to die.

Seems like a strange statement for someone who created a company with a Day of the Dead theme, right? But it is true. There is a couple of reasons why it scares me.

1) I'm afraid I will get to the end of it all and not accomplished anything. There will be no reason for anyone to remember me. I will have added no value to the world and so it will forget me. Starting this company is one of the ways I'm trying to overcome this. I have always wanted my own shop, but I have always been afraid to go out on my own like this. But I don't want to have regrets because I was afraid. I want my life to mean something. I want other people's lives to mean the same.

2) This world is so big and so beautiful and has so much to offer, I don't want to leave having missed all of it. I want to get out of shell and get out into the world. That is why I started getting back into hiking and camping. Its why I started learning to skateboard at age 32. It's why I try to travel. Coffee and alcohol are probably the two things that cross every boundary in the world. It is part of all of our lives. I want to brew a coffee that fuels people's lives. I want to motivate them to get out of their comfort zone and do what they never thought they could.

It's weird, the thing I fear most has been my greatest motivator. That is how I came to love Dia de los Muertos. It is a tradition that does not fear death, but celebrates life and honors those who have passed. It keeps memories alive.

So...on that cheery note, have a cup of coffee and fuel your life.

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