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My Official Hashtag

In preparation for my first deliveries, I thought it would be good to release my official Hashtag. That way, when everyone raves about how awesome my coffee is and feels that insatiable need to share its awesomeness with the world, they will have that road paved for them. (That is me envisioning success...and crossing my fingers...and praying daily...but also envisioning.)


That's it folks. So when you have your first cup of coffee and want to share it with the world, please include this with all of your posts. The reason behind this tag line is not really a fun airy topic, but it is a huge driver for me.

I came up with this because...

Whole Bean Sales to Begin with Dia de Los Muertos

It has been a long time coming, but I have finally decided to launch my whole bean sales!

Vacation in St. Lucia

I got back last week from a wonderful trip to St. Lucia, a little island in the Caribbean. I had a few coffee experiences and a few other "adult beverage" experiences. Since I want my coffee shop to be more than just coffee, I am always looking for drink ideas.