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Review of First Draft Book Bar

I have been wanting to stop into this coffee shop since The Newton was in concept. I loved the shared space idea. Multiple businesses working together to be mutually successful is how it should be. I loved the concept, but wasn't sure how it would work in reality.

It was free comic book day, so we were out and about in the area. We had had our coffee that morning, but figured, what the heck, and stopped for another.

The Newton is located in an old part of town that has been going slowly transitioning to retro. So what was old and ugly is slowly becoming new and hip. The spot where the Newton is built used to be a historical restaurant. It had been in that location for some 40 years and finally went out of business. The city was sad to see it go, but I was excited for this new concept.

Approaching the site, there is a shop off to the left that sold garden decorations and probably some other stuff that I had no interest in. Walking up to the main entrance, I started to wonder where the coffee shop was. There was a restaurant on the left and a book store to the right. My wife and I are compulsive when it comes to books, so we went in. In the back of the book store was a full bar. What? Seriously? Why do not all bookstores have this, I thought.

I loved the lay out. It was built more like a bar than a coffee shop, which is kind of how coffee seems to be going, crossing and mixing the beer and wine and coffee bars. I loved the logo and how it fit within the book store. I loved the work space behind the bar. It was a place I could sit for hours and work. If I were to critique their set up at all it would be regarding their drip coffee. They didn't seem to incorporate that aspect at all. They just had some air pots sitting on a table top. Didn't really do much to sell the drip.

The bartenders were attentive but not particularly engaged in the coffee aspect of the business. My bartender had to ask his manager where they get their coffee from. They get it from a local roaster called Espressions (

The coffee was....good. I couldn't really pick out a distinct flavor when it was hot. As it cooled, I picked up a bit of toffee...maybe. It was a good cup, but not a great cup. It was $2 for 12 oz.

Overall, I loved the environment, the set up, everything about the location. I wish they took the drip coffee a bit more serious. If I lived closer, this is a place I would spend long hours writing.

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