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Barista Capsule

I was cruising through my back log of Coffee News emails and spotted this article that caught my eye: The Barista Capsule. I had to know what it was. I have been working on coffee cart plans for a while but could never really figure it out. It was always to big or too heavy, or we couldn’t figure out how to power everything. I realize I was most likely making it far too complicated, but these guys looked like they figured it out.

The Barista capsule is basically a coffee bar in a box. You can get it with 3 different configurations to account for how you want to brew. They have all the electrical accounted for, a purified water system, vibration reducing, heavy duty caster…it basically has it all. This looks like a perfect solution for that guy (like me) who wants to get into the business, but doesn't have the engineering skills to build his own cart.

The only thing that it doesn’t have is a price. They have sold some already, but I couldn’t find a price on line. I emailed them to see if they have a base price for their MK2 and MK2 with water options. I am totally in love with this product, but without a price, I can’t tell if the value is there. I’m a super small, no money in my pocket, hope to one day have a shop kind of coffee company. If this things rolls out at $5k, though that is small in the scheme of a business, it is still above what I can pay. I would also have to consider that in my scaling. If I have $5k to spend, I’m probably not going to spend it on a new bar. I’m going to buy a roaster. So the new bar, would fall into step 3 or 4.

Here is the article from Coffee News and the website link for the Barista Capsule. Check it out.

4/14/16 - UPDATE
-They responded to my pricing inquiry and said that the product starts at $8,550. That is a pretty stout starting price. I love the concept, but that prices me right out of the game. If you have an established business and can justify the spend, then this is probably awesome. If you don't have a business yet, that is probably more capital than you have. 

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