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Drum Roasting

When I first started, I experimented with pan roasting, concluding that it is not a good way to roast.
Next, I moved to the air popper. I actually love roasting with the air popper. I have achieved some really good cups with an air popper. The problem is the volume. I can’t roast more than ¼ of a cup at a time. So I usually spend like 3-4 hours, using 2 poppers, to roast enough for home and work.
The next step in the evolution of my roasting experience is a drum roaster.

Irish Coffee for St. Patty’s Day

Since St. Patty’s Day is coming up, I figured I would do a little piece on it. I have not actually tried it. I have had Oaxaca coffee when I was in Cancun, and the server called it “Sexy Coffee.” I don’t actually know if it is an actual cocktail or not. I am looking forward to trying my first Irish coffee. So, instead I have posted a quick history and a link for how to make.

No Post - Sorry

My day job has been beating up on me. I haven't even had a lunch break all week. (The joys of being salaried!) I am going camping this weekend though, so hopefully I will get a good post on camping coffee.