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Review of Theia's Cafe

We made a trip up to Sedona, Az for to hike the West Fork Trail (#LifefueldbyMuertos). Because we were all driving up in separate cars, the group decided to meet up for coffee then go to the trail in one vehicle.

Theia’s ( was the best looking coffee shop on the way to the trail.

Thia’s is in uptown Sedona, which is the touristy part of town. Uptown Sedona is nice because it has some good food and you can waste a lot of time looking at tchotchke. Thia’s is off the main road, tucked back a bit. We passed right by the little road the first time.

When we got there, the feeling I got was…polarizing. The colors are bright and lively, the crowd was hushed and somber. Maybe it was just early, but it was a very quiet environment.

The shop was nice. The walls were bright green, which kept it bright on the hard wood flooring. There were 2 layers; the ground layer where the bar was, then up a couple of steps to a couch and a children’s area. This d├ęcor was the hodge-podge style, where it all looks reclaimed or re-purposed. Normally places don’t pull this off very well, it feels cheap and dirty. Theia’s did it well. It added to the artsy-hippie culture that is Sedona.

My favorite feature was the children’s area. We had been driving all day, so it was great to have somewhere I could take my little girl and get her playing and active. I love it when coffee shops have this. It allows people with families to focus their kids so they can drink their coffee. And if you think about it, it also puts all the kids in one area so they aren’t running around making everyone in the place crazy. It’s a win-win.

The coffee they brew is roasted by Late for the Train Roastery in Flagstaff, Az ( Their brewer was decent looking Bunn, as well as the grinder. The barista was nice enough, but not particularly chatty…actually I’m not sure she said more than a few words.

I ordered black coffee for my wife and I as well as a bagel and blueberry scone. The bagel was nothing special, but the scone was fantastic. The coffee was good. We didn’t get much information on it, other than it was a medium roast. It went well with the pastries and I drank it all, but I can’t say I got anything distinctive from it. It was just a really good dinner coffee.

Overall, it’s a good place to meet up when you arrive in Sedona, but probably not a main coffee destination.

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