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It’s Official…I Exist

No, this is not some existential confession. It means I finally got approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission. I’m finally a company!

Now, for the next steps.

I still have a few more pieces of paper work that I have to do before I am 100% official, but it’s easy stuff. To make it completely official, I have to publish my filing. That isn’t hard. I just need to send the document and pay $20. Easy peasy.

The next step after that will be to get my food handlers license. I haven’t had to do that in like 10 years, so I’m going to have to study on up on the cooking temperature of Turkey (because every coffee professional should know this).

Once I have my food handlers license, I will have to start researching on how to become registered as a “home baker.” That is how I will be approved to sell direct to consumers. That is the last piece I need to be legal.

So, my goal this year is not particularly ambitious. I want to sell a cup of coffee to someone. That’s it. There’s just a lot of steps to get to that one little goal. I’m almost there though. Once I’m legal, I will have to start determining if I should buy coffee or paper products. I’m currently thinking I will start purchasing paper products because I don’t have to worry about their quality going down over the next 6 months in a hot garage. But…I will be buying a new coffee and it will take me a while to dial into the roast.

Decisions. Decisions.

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