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How important is food in a coffee shop?

A while ago, my friend and I were discussing food with the owner of Village Coffee. We thought good was a loss leader, one of these things you have to have but doesn’t make any money. She argued that her food actually helped her business and was profitable. I found that interesting, because anyone who has worked in a coffee shop and has had to clear out the expired pastries knows that a lot of it goes in the garbage.
So I ask, how important is food in a coffee shop?

It’s Official…I Exist

No, this is not some existential confession. It means I finally got approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission. I’m finally a company!
Now, for the next steps.

Coffee and Science

So with all the sciency stuff going on like discovering gravitational waves in the space time continuum, I figured I circulate some science myself. No, I am not a scientist. I have stated in previous posts, that I am value based (if it adds value, great; if it doesn’t, dump it). So this is how I classify science in coffee:

Review of Theia's Cafe

We made a trip up to Sedona, Az for to hike the West Fork Trail (#LifefueldbyMuertos). Because we were all driving up in separate cars, the group decided to meet up for coffee then go to the trail in one vehicle.
Theia’s ( was the best looking coffee shop on the way to the trail.