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French Press Give Away!

I have been given the opportunity to team with Ovente to give away a French Press to one of my blog followers.

Here are the details:

In 2009 Ovente was inspired by the idea of convenience, efficiency and energy-saving concepts. At this point they began manufacturing coffee and tea-related products. Their products stylish design helped them get recognition in the market. Now they have offered me to ability to give away a French Press.

We will be giving away 1 black French Press. Please visit Ovente’s site to review:

Here is how we are going to play: you are reading this so you are already on my blog. Click the “Subscribe To” button on the right. You have until Thursday of next week at 7pm Az time to subscribe. I will pull the list of all who subscribe to my blog and select, at random, one lucky person to receive the French Press. If you are subscribing, you should receive an email when I post the blog announcing the winner. You will have 3 days to contact me via email to claim the gift.

I look forward to sending someone an awesome way to make good coffee.

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