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Review of Verrado Coffee Co.

For those of you not in the area, Phoenix and the surrounding cities are very spread out. Unlike most big cities, we grow out, instead of up. Verrado is the most recent addition on the fringe of civilization. They were having an event to bring people in and look at models. Looking at model homes is one of my wife's favorite pastimes. They were offering a free coffee from their coffee shop, so I went a long.

Verrado Coffee Co is not like any coffee shop I have been to. The coffee shop is owned by the community. Think about how there are community pools and community parks. This is a community coffee house. There is a room sectioned off in the back for sales and community pamphlets all over the place. I thought it was strange that a coffee owner would be so willing to advertise the city. This explains it.

First approach, the building is really interesting and inviting. I was excited to go in. When you enter, it is straight into the line for coffee with a bit of merchandise on the sides. I used my coupon and got a cup of the house coffee, my wife got a small Jack-O-Lantern Frapee (a blended pumpkin spice coffee).

We walked the room while we waited for my wife's drink. The sitting area is one of my favorites to date. It was a nice balance of color and industrial, padded sofa and metal chairs, concrete floors and finished ceilings. It was very comfortable and bright at, something that is hard to achieve. One of my favorite parts is the kids room. In the very back, there is a room with a bunch of chalk board picture frames that kids can draw on. There is a kids table and toys to play with. it is separate from the main sitting area but still very visible. I really liked this idea.

Now to the coffee.

The coffee was a signature blend roasted locally by Infusion Coffee ( I hate to say it, but the coffee was not good. It didn't have any distinct flavor and was kind of sour on the finish. They seem to be using decent Bunn brewers, so I'm not sure what was wrong. I loved the shop but I wouldn't drink the coffee.

My wife's drink on the other hand was really good. It had more of a real pumpkin flavor to it than the syrupy flavor you get at Starbucks. I found myself going more to her drink than my own.

Overall, I love the shop, but they really need to step up their black coffee game.

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