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Review of Small Town Coffee

If I were not so easily distracted, I probably wouldn't have noticed this new little coffee shop. Luckily, I have to look around at everything (which makes driving an adventure). I passed by and flipped a U-turn to come check it out.

The website isn't working, but the little shop has good reviews on yelp (

When I pulled up, I had very high hopes. I love this little complex they are in. It was ripe for a nice little community coffee shop. I was excited once I saw the sign out front. Maybe it's just me, but witty chalkboard A-frames are a good "sign." (yeah, that was really bad, I apologize.)

When I walked in the very first thing I noticed were the bags of coffee. They are bright red in a earth tone store. I wanted to look around but I had to stop and read the bag. They serve Dazbog Coffee ( I had never heard of them before so I asked (who I assume to be) the owner/manager. He explained they were a roaster out of CO and he used them in his other shop in Scottsdale. I like the story of this roaster.

The second thing I noticed was that the owner/manager was actually very pleasant to deal with. Smiled and was open to conversation. His employee wasn't quite as open, she just took my money and went about her business.

I loved the layout and feel of the store. It had comfortable colors and good natural light. The food looked delicious (though I didn't try any) and the coffee was good. This is a place I could see myself spending an afternoon working on my writing or business plan.

Now, into the coffee. I had the House Blend. Right off the bat, there was nothing special about it. It was tasty coffee that I really enjoyed, but I wasn't really picking up any specifics. I find this to be the case for most blends. The coffee actually got better as it cooled. It had some nice chocolate notes. It paired perfectly with the doughnuts I picked up on the way home.

Overall, I would recommend this place. It is comfortable, the coffee is good, but the place is small. If I lived in the area, this would a third place for me.

P.S. I'm sorry for not posting last Friday. I was cooking for my daughters 1st birthday party. And I'm posting early because I will be in Disneyland the rest of the week.

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