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Review of Jobot Coffee

First Friday is one of down town Phoenix’s on going events. It started out as kind of an art walk but has grown into something all its own. My family and I were in downtown for First Friday this last week, not for the event but because the Children’s Museum was open for free that evening (no they do not display historical children, it’s like a giant play house #awesome). Since I was downtown, I took the opportunity to try Jobot Coffee.

My distant view of the shop was familiar. It is located on Roosevelt Row, a string of old houses converted into businesses. The florescent green “coffee” sign was shining bright. It was not until I got a little closer that I started to question if this was the place I wanted to go. First and foremost, there was a guy with a giant snake on his shoulders. I’m from Arizona. Snakes are bad here. Snakes are an instant deal breaker for me. The dude (in bottom left of the above pic) was keeping to himself out in the yard so I hurried by him. If he would have come in side, I would have torn the building down.

Inside they went with the “compiled look.” It kind felt like a shady dive bar, but for coffee. The clientele there was very mixed due to First Friday. Overall, I would not classify this as a hipster coffee shop. I would actually classify this as an anti-culture shop. All I could think of was, “I’m such a rebel, I don’t even follow my own rules.”

Jobot sells food as well, so we got started with a club sandwich. It took a little while to get the food, but it was worth the wait. That was probably one of the best club sandwiches I’ve had in a long time. It was fantastic. I also worked with the lady behind the counter to pick out a scone. She talked me into a strawberry almond scone. It was a delicious scone.

The coffee is is a medium roast blend supplied by Cartel. Jobot partnered with Cartel to have an exclusive roast. The aroma was like almond syrup, which is a different aroma then any I have had before. The body was smooth and as it cooled I picked up dried berries. It was a pretty darn good cup of coffee. Most likely the best blend I have had.

Overall, it’s kind of a mixed bag. If the dude with a snake is there, I’m out. If you are down for First Friday, this place has tasty food and tasty coffee. I’m not a fan of the “compiled” look. I like solid clean themes (OCD? Kinda…sorta…yeah). This is an interesting place for sure. If you’re down there, stop by and check it out.

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