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Review of Small Town Coffee

If I were not so easily distracted, I probably wouldn't have noticed this new little coffee shop. Luckily, I have to look around at everything (which makes driving an adventure). I passed by and flipped a U-turn to come check it out.

I choose Sonofresco

I have been really looking into roasting. I just have such a hard time selling someone else's product. I know it works, and it works well. The thought that goes through my head is, "Why would they buy it from me, when they can buy it from the source?"

Knowing that I have little to no budget, no established business on which I can build a Kickstarter, I have to really consider how to go about starting.

Review of Jobot Coffee

First Friday is one of down town Phoenix’s on going events. It started out as kind of an art walk but has grown into something all its own. My family and I were in downtown for First Friday this last week, not for the event but because the Children’s Museum was open for free that evening (no they do not display historical children, it’s like a giant play house #awesome). Since I was downtown, I took the opportunity to try Jobot Coffee.

I think I'm almost ready for KickStarter

I've really looking at how I can make this happen. When it comes down to everything, I need to roast my own beans. I know the multi-roaster model is doing well right now, but I just can't fork up the time or money to jump in like that. That would be a very high risk approach.

Knowing that I have to support my family, how can make this happen?