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Coffee Weights in Brewing

I have learned a little about coffee and most of it theory and most of that from the internet. I finally had a situation where theory became reality. Internet factoids became coffee master wisdom.

We may have a dual compartment commercial Bunn grinder tucked away in my friend's office; but if the Office Police come through, I will plead the 5th. The grind is so much more consistent and about 500% faster than the hand grinder. Its worth risking because the coffee is much better.

The dual compartment is nice because it allows us to roast a couple different kinds of coffee and have a selection to chose from. Variety is the spice of life, ya know. Having 2 different types of coffee right next to each helped me see how different the weights of coffee beans are.

Instant Coffee Is Just As Healthy As Brewed?

I had a 7am meeting at my day job. No one bought coffee. Crazy. I know. And sadly, I was running late, so I didn't get to brew a lovely cup of Mexican Chiapas to keep me awake. So I trotted down to the good ol' Maxwell House instant coffee machine. (I was desperate and it was free, don't judge me).

This got me thinking: Is instant coffee as good for you as brewed coffee?

My Top 3 Criteria for Awesome Coffee

There are lots of coffees out there. Some good, some awful. I realize that good and awful are very subjective terms. Everyone judges coffee differently. I judge coffee primarily on value (what am I getting for my money). So some people may think that good coffee is free coffee. Typically, free coffee is only good for keeping your heart beating. 
If you have choice, you should brew fresh coffee. I prefer to brew manually in the V60. I have yet to find a brew method I like more than this for both brewing and drinking. When I brew in the V60, here are the top 3 things I'm looking for in an awesome cup of coffee: