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First Step Towards Roasting

I really wish I was able to say I'm making leaps and bounds towards having my own coffee shop, but I can't. I think I have finally accepted the fact that this is a dream that may only have a reality in my distant future. Regardless of where it lies in my path, I'm going to hold on to it; because when it does happen, its gonna be freak'n awesome.

I came to that semi-random conclusion as our unceasing discussion of how to begin our company started all over again.

Review of World of Chocolate Museum & Cafe

My Florida coffee adventure was over all a total flop. I only got to go to one real coffee shop and it wasn't the best. Later in the day, our group was planning on going to World Chocolate Museum ( I thought that was strange, but what the heck, I was having fun with the family. It was a surprisingly good time. Coffee and chocolate have a lot in common.

Review of Austin's Coffee

We made out to Florida for our funeral/family reunion to an unsurprising series of rainy days, which were then followed by miserably hot humid days. Every time I visit FL, it reminds me how much I love AZ. If you are unfamiliar with driving in sucks...a lot. Mainly because of the tolls. We don't really carry cash, so tolls are a bit of problem for us. Since there are tolls on every freeway, it really limited our options for coffee shops. We had searched for some of the top shops in FL and the only one that was reasonably on our way back into Orlando was Austin's Coffee.