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Bean Qaulity

I recently came into possession of some green Sumatra beans. I have not roasted anything from Indonesia yet and am looking forward to it.

One of the first things I noticed was the inconsistency of the beans. There were some big ones, some very small ones, some dark ones and light one. They were all over the place. I had not run into this before and am not sure how it will affect the cup (most likely not good).

Now I know it is cheating to use one blog to write another blog. Death Wish Coffee actually has some really good blog posts, so I recommend checking them out. I'm not the biggest fan of their coffee, but I am a big fan of their company.

They did a blog titled "6 Ugly-Ass Coffee Beans." I found it interesting and thought I would share.

Review of Royal Coffee

It was Avengers weekend and I had my tickets purchased waaaay in advance. We do the early morning show because it is a lot less expensive. Naturally, we needed coffee to make sure we were fully alert to watch the awesomeness of Marvel. Therefore, we decided to stop at a little coffee shop I ran across called Royal Coffee.
It was an interesting set up. It was more like a kiosk set up on the ground floor of a spa (nothing spa related on the bottom floor). There was some art on the walls and the setup had a nice modern look, clean and efficient. There was a single barista, which caused some operational issues. Truth is though, they couldn’t fit a second barista in there if they wanted to.
They have a very interesting approach, which I happen to like a lot. In the Biltmore mall, they have 2 small kiosk type shops. They are like stores within stores. They essentially took over the mall by placing small, very manageable kiosks through the mall. That is a great idea.  We approached the bar …

Stuck on Sourcing

The problem with being a very small coffee business is that sourcing is a very big deal. I keep getting myself stuck between the two options: roast my own coffee or brew someone else’s coffee.