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Small Dog In A Big World – How Do I Compete?

I was sent this link regarding the change in Starbucks mobile technology.

This was kind of a blow to my concept. One of the goals was to have cutting edge technology built into the shop. We wanted to do something no one else had done. We wanted to use technology to make the customer experience better. I realize this will all be old hat by the time we get ready to set up shop, but I still had hope of being original.

How do small startups compete with the big guys? How do we do anything to distinguish ourselves and attract clientele? How can I, who have little to no money, compete with billions of dollars?

The short answer: I can’t.

It really stinks that I am not going to be able to do something original. The reality is that I will not be the first to do anything (as of right now, I’m not done trying yet). I can see how so many people quit before they even start. It is a dauntingly hopeless task.

I guess the next question is to ask myself: Do I really even want to compete with them? The answer to that is no. These giants are playing a different game than me. Do I want to make money, yes. More than that, I want a deep rooted satisfaction from seeing the work of my hands come to fruition. I want to impact people’s lives. Giants can’t do that. They are too worried about getting every single dollar they can, otherwise they will die. They do not have hearts big enough to sustain that large of a body. So small companies with huge hearts have the opportunity to fill the void inside the Giant's wake.

So, if you are intimidated by the fact that you cannot compete with Starbucks, that’s ok. Everyone is. Don’t try to be them. Don’t try to beat. Be yourself and focus on your fundamentals: great customer service and a great product.

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