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How I Want to Brew Iced Coffee

Being in Arizona, I have finally admitted to myself that I need to provide a cold option to customers or my sales will dip WAY too far in the summer months. So, I have officially done an unofficial taste test and made my decision how I want to do it.

Brain Space

So, I’m coming to the conclusion that I just don’t have enough space in my brain to pursue everything that I want to. The advice that I have been given seems consistent: Lay out everything you want to do and prioritize it. What better place to start working out my personal life than on a public forum? I’m hoping there are some people out there who have experienced similar dilemmas and can share their experience with me.

The only point of blending coffee (that I can think of)

I have been drinking a Colombian coffee that I finally got to a really nice roast. That has been my go to for a week or two now. Yesterday, I was running low and only had enough for half a cup. I wasn't going to go without my coffee so I blended it with another coffee that I thought it would pair well with. A coffee from Maui Coffee Roasters that is roasted medium (their idea of medium is way darker than mine). The Maui coffee isn't particularly awesome, but I was hoping my Colombian would bring it up. I’m not so sure it works that way.

What is Gourmet anymore?

I was recently at the mall in a mad scramble to find my wife a gift for our 5 year anniversary (for some reason, what I wanted is now rare). In the mall there is a coffee shop called Pinoy’s Best Gourmet Coffee.
Gourmet you say? I have to try this fancy coffee.