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Partial Review of O.H.S.O. Nano-Brewery

I have been wanting to go to O.H.S.O. ( for quite some time. Everyone I talk to tells me how awesome it is. I finally got the opportunity to try it, sort of.

I was meeting up with an old friend and used this as my chance. I got there on time, which means I was about 30 minutes early to when my friend would show up. The place was pretty cool. It definitely had a "bar" feel to it. I definitely didn't fit into the clientele there, but it is North Scottsdale...

One of my first impressions is that this place changes regularly. The menus were paper so they could be changed easily. The beer menu was separate because it changed regularly. I like that because I know this place will be different next time I go.

A couple of other things that impressed me while I was waiting. They served me ice water right away, without me asking (thank you! its Arizona for Pete's sake!). The water was served with a slice of cucumber instead of lemon. A nice touch.

Secondly, I was checked on 5-6 times in the 30 minute wait by 3 different people. The servers seemed to really care that customers were taken care of.

By the time my friend arrived, I had thoroughly inspected the beer selection. It had a lot of local beers, which is very exciting. Arizona is not really a "craft" type of state. So it was good to see some AZ items making it. The happy hour was pretty good (min pitcher for $6 = about 2.5 pints). We went with a stout that was very tasty (sorry, I forgot to write down which one it was). The service continued to be good all the way to the end.

I will definitely be going back. I have heard the food is fantastic. I strongly recommend this place.

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