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Coffee is Life

I know everyone is reading that title and automatically assuming that I am going to make a bunch of jokes about being a zombie before coffee. Though many of us may have accidentally chewed through a loved one’s arm not realizing it wasn't a breakfast sausage, that is not what I want to discuss here (or anywhere else, it was a tragic accident and I’m sticking to what the police report says).

Life is not coffee. There are people who know everything about coffee; inside and out, backwards and forwards. It is their sole passion. Employers love them because they bleed for that passion. They also use that focus to push the limits of what we know and do. I can appreciate passion and focus like that, but it is too narrow for me.

There is so much more to life than coffee. There is friends and family, movies and books, sunsets and cityscapes.

Now, reading those we can see how coffee is often a part of these. I often choose to meet friends and family at coffee shops, discuss movies and books with a cup of coffee, watch a San Diego sunset with coffee to keep me warm.

My coffee journey is relatively short, but something I have seen time and again is that a lot of life happens around a good cup of coffee. It is something that connects the many facets of our life. I want to be a conduit of life, maybe even a super charger for life.

I don’t my whole life to be coffee, but I do want my coffee to be life.

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