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Raising Money for Wounded Warrior Project

I am running the Tough Mudder for the third time this year. One of the most important aspects of this now tradition is raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project. The first year we raised $160. Last year, I raised over $550. My team as a whole raised over $700. 

Since the stakes were raised by enormous generosity last year, I will attempt to match those efforts. 

I, with the help of my team, am going carry a cinder block the length of the course. I will carry my cinder block from home to work and (nearly) everywhere I go. Last year, Tough Mudder HQ donated an extra $100 if Mudders would carry a brick through the course. After carrying this block the length of the 10+ miles and grueling obstacles, I will drop this block in the pile to have additional money donated.

I ask for you to show your generosity and honor those who have given so much.

Please follow the link below to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project.

- Brandon Ray

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