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KAHHN!!...wait, no...COOONNN!!!!

I must first apologize for not posting in quite some time. The birth of my baby girl took priority for a while. It also took my sleep and higher brain functions as well. I’m back and this blog is going to change slightly. So stay tuned.

So, what got me back into the saddle? Coffee Con LA. I am super stoked for this. Yes, William Shatner yelling and chasing down Kahn excited.

I have never been to a coffee event. My Phoenix, Az market doesn’t really have anything like this. Specialty coffee is still kind of a novelty here. It’s frustrating. I want to learn about coffee. I want to talk to people who really know their stuff. I want to learn techniques that I can only learn from people who have been brewing for years. I want to be a padawan learner to a coffee Jedi.

I plan on blowing up twitter with pics and any other random thought I have while at Coffee Con. So I hope you follow (@MuertosCoffee). I have a nice 6 hour drive tonight that will surely be fueled by coffee. If anyone knows of a great place along the I-10, let me know. We have a hotel nearby so we are going to get there early. I’m going to work the booths and classes until my head explodes, then jump in the car and drive 6 hours home. Yeah, a 1 night turn around trip, jacked up on caffeine. I’m going to be a train wreck on Sunday.

I have high hopes for this weekend and hopefully it will feed some awesome new posts.

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