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The Story Behind the Coffee

Standing in the hot sun sweating, waiting for the doors to open to Coffee Con, I thought about all the awesome coffee I would get to try. I was excited. I was becoming less excited by the minute though, as they opened the doors 20 minutes late. By then we were all so hot that everyone was just looking for ice coffee. I, having a baby in tow, took my time and started at the first table. It was a SteamPunk brewer managed by men in beards and leather aprons. I didn’t get to try the coffee because they were still dialing in the machine.

Coffee Con LA 2014 Experience

After my experience at Coffee Conn LA 2014 ( my main thought is: I can do this!
That may seem like a strange revelation, but I have nasty habit of elevating others onto unattainable pedestals. Why? I have no freaking idea, because it’s stupid. I was there tasting coffee, watching people brew, asking questions and picking brains. I even called shenanigans on a few people and watched their response. As I did all this, the thought that kept trickling up into my brain was, “I already know this.”

KAHHN!!...wait, no...COOONNN!!!!

I must first apologize for not posting in quite some time. The birth of my baby girl took priority for a while. It also took my sleep and higher brain functions as well. I’m back and this blog is going to change slightly. So stay tuned.
So, what got me back into the saddle? Coffee Con LA. I am super stoked for this. Yes, William Shatner yelling and chasing down Kahn excited.